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CiiSCM (Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management) Certification


City & Guilds Level 5, PRA, (Security Risk Management Consultants) . Students have up to 6 months to complete their post course assignment. 


MBA with Risk and Resilience 60 Credits Certificate (University of West Scotland)

MSCs Pathway MSc Organisational Resilience, MSc Aviation Security, MSc Critical Infrastructure Security, MSc Risk Management, 30 credits free ( Bucks New University)

GCHQ Understanding Cyber Security and Insurance Certificate

CPD Certificate - Travel Risk Management Workshop

CPD Certificate - Cyber Security Workshop

12 day course

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Course information:

Price: Payment Plan Available


Location: Emergency Planning College, York


Accommodation & Meals:  Accommodation and 3 meals a day are included in the course price, with the course situated in York at the Emergency Planning college


Course Duration: Full Time, 12 days residential study. Up to 6 months, post residential course, for Students to complete their final assignment. 



Guarantee:  All our courses have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.



Upcoming Course Dates:



Monday 02nd Sept - Friday 13th Sept

Monday 11th Nov - Friday 22nd Nov





Monday 13th Jan - Friday 24th Jan

Monday 16th Mar - Friday 27th Mar

Monday 11th May - Friday 22nd May

Monday 06th Jul - Friday 17th Jul

Monday 07th Sept - Friday 18th Sept

Monday 09th Nov - Friday 20th Nov



Course Overview

Leading authorities within Security, Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management have designed the Security Risk Management Consultants Course (SRMC™). Experts from various arms of UK Government, Public/Private sector, and NGO’s have all collaborated to create this unique course. Most significantly, and distinctive to the SRMC ™, these same SME’s also instruct on the course.

Please note this is a full time residential course, with up to 6 months to complete the final course assignment. 

Course Syllabus

The course will equip students with the skills required to consult in a broad range of risk management and business practices. These include, but are not limited to;


  • Risk Management Models and Implementation

  • Country Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

  • Journey Management and Evacuation Planning

  • Crisis and Disaster Management

  • Business Communications, Finance and Budget Control

  • Information and Cyber Security

  • Security Consultancy and Report Writing

  • Detecting Deception, Influencing Skills and Eliciting Information

  • Open Source Intelligence

  • Crime Scene Management and Work Place Investigations


  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Bid and Proposal Workshop

  • Politics and Extremism

  • History and Mastery of Risk

  • Kidnap and Ransom

Upon completion you can expect

Following the Course, the subsequent post-course assignments, and dependent on the option chosen, students will receive the following qualifications;


  • Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management (CiiSCM) Certificate

  • GCHQ Understanding Cyber Security and Insurance Certificate

  • CPD Travel Risk Management Certificate

  • CPD Cyber Security Certificate

  • City and Guilds Level 5 PRA and Affiliateship to the City and Guilds Institute (Security Risk Management Consultants)

  • 60 Credits Certificate towards an MBA with Risk and Resilience (University West of Scotland)

  • MSc Pathway with New Bucks University, Organisational Resilience, Aviation Security, Risk Management, Critical Infrastructure Security (New Bucks University) Free Threat and Risk Module.

  • Membership of the Security Risk Management Alumni Group (SRM Alumni); access to regular networking events, risk management information, journals and unique job opportunities.


Course Pricing

Option 1 (12 days) £1995 plus vat 

CiiSCM Certificate


  • CiiSCM  (Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management) certification

  • GCHQ Cyber Awareness certification

  • Cyber Security Workshop (CPD Credits)

  • Travel Risk Management Workshop ( CPD Credits)

  • Security Risk Management Alumni Membership  www.srmalumni.org

  • 12 nights food and accommodation (3 meals per day)

Option 2 (12 Days) £2950 plus vat  

City and Guilds Level 5 and CiiSCM *


  • City and Guilds Level 5 award (Security Risk Management Consultancy) Certification

  • CiiSCM  (Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management) certification

  • GCHQ Cyber Awareness certification

  • Level 5 Business Risk and Crisis Management ( Endorsed Programme)

  • Cyber Security Workshop (CPD Credits)

  • Travel Risk Management Workshop ( CPD Credits)

  • Security Risk Management Alumni Membership www.srmalumni.org

  • 12 nights’ food and accommodation (3 meals per day).


Students have up to 6 months to complete their final assignment post the 12 day residential element of the course. 



Those applying for Enhanced Learning Credits please click the button for more information



Option 3 (12 Days) £3750 plus vat 

MBA or MSc Pathway

City and Guilds Level 5 and CiiSCM 


  • 60 Credit Certificate towards MBA with Risk and Resilience with UWS or 

  • MSc Pathway Organisational Resilience, Aviation Security, Risk Management, Critical Infrastructure Security (New Bucks University) Free Threat and Risk Module.

  • City and Guilds Level 5 award (Security Risk Management Consultants) certification

  • CiiSCM  (Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management) certification

  • GCHQ Cyber Awareness certification

  • Cyber Security Workshop (CPD Credits)

  • Level 5 Business Risk and Crisis Management ( Endorsed Programme)

  • Travel Risk Management Workshop ( CPD Credits)

  • Security Risk Management Alumni Membership  www.srmalumni.org

  • 12 nights’ food and accommodation (3 meals per day).


Guest Speakers

We are extremely proud of the level of experts we are able to call upon to the deliver the SRMC™. Below is a snapshot of the leading authorities you will be engaging with during the course;

Professor of Risk and Crisis Management
& Assistant Dean at the University West of Scotland


Edward’s interests include human behaviour, disaster response, socio-technical systems failure, corporate risk, business continuity, resilience, terrorism, and simulation games for training. He has a wealth of research expertise in the field of risk, crisis and resilience management. Edward has worked extensively over the past 17 years with the emergency services, local and central government agencies and universities throughout the world.  Edward publishes in a wide range of journals, and has authored a book entitled ‘Risk, Crisis and Security Management’, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2005.


Professor Edward Borodzicz

John Brodie Donald

Strategic Business Risk Consultant


John spent 20 years as an investment banker in the Far East and Europe, with Jardine Fleming and ING Barings. He ran his own Scotch Whisky company for a number of years and now works as a serial entrepreneur and author. His first book – Catataxis: When more of the same is different – was published in October 2011 by Quartet Books.

His second book – Bolt from the Blue: Navigating the new world of corporate crises – was published by Elliott and Thompson in 2013. John is an advisor with Partner Capital in London, a renowned keynote speaker on the mastery of risk and the emerging cyber threat.

Emile Ghessen

Independent Journalist and Film Maker

Emile is a former Royal Marine Commando and Security Consultant of Syrian heritage with extensive operational experience throughout the Middle East and Africa. With the rise of ISIS in 2014, Emile decided to trade his weapon for a camera and pursue a new career in independent journalism. Emile has travelled to Iraq, Syria, and Iran to report on western soldiers battling ISIS, the Kurdish Peshmerga in the Battle of Mosul, and has also documented the migrant crisis. Furthermore, Emile has been called upon by the Houses of Parliament and Military Organisations to impart his extensive knowledge to assist in foreign policy decision making.

Sharif Gardner

Axis Capital – Head of Cyber Training


Sharif is Head of Cyber Training for Axis Capital, a market-leading cyber insurance underwriting firm. Sharif was previously Head of Training for Cyber at PGI where he was responsible for the UK’s largest Information and Cyber Security Academy. Sharif is also credited with setting out the skills framework for the GCHQ Certified Executive Cyber Awareness Course.

David Tait

Athena Risk - Managing Director


David is a passionate Security Risk Management practitioner and experienced businessman who has held key directorships for several UK security companies. David has delivered public, private and commercial security programs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Taking an intelligent approach toward the management of risk, David has developed sound frameworks for assessing, analysing, evaluating and mitigating potential threats that pose risk to client objectives. Davids accurate and client focused risk solutions has seen him influence decision making at National and International government agency level.



I can now quite genuinely put my hand on my heart and say with absolute integrity that the PGI Training Security Risk Management Consultants course is up there as being one of the best and most rewarding professional courses that I have had the pleasure of attending. The quality of the guest speakers and instructors that we have worked with was exceptional. Never before have I seen a course gather so many world leaders in their respective fields. Also of exceptional quality were the delegates themselves. Strong personal and professional relationships have been formed, which will only further nourish our networks and capabilities.

– Daren Knight – Managing Director, Knight Associates Ltd.


As a Colonel in  British Army, I attended the course myself and have since sent several staff members to attend.


The course gives an in depth understanding of security risk issues and how to tackle them, imparting life-long skills that can be employed in a wide range of situations both inside the forces and in future civilian employment. The quality of the lecturers is excellent, from post-graduate level academics to published authors and top end security professionals. Students quickly improve their verbal presentations, report writing and planning skills through practical exercises under pressure. The SRMC also provides several qualifications recognised in the security sector and helps individuals develop their professional networks.


A number of military personnel as well as Service leavers on the SRMC found it invaluable. It would be an ideal course to be able to access through the ELCAS route.

– Colonel - British Army.


If you are looking to forward your development, leaving the Police Service, Armed Forces or already well established and experienced within the Security Sector like a lot of the people sat in the classroom over the previous two weeks. I would highly encourage anyone to attend the Security and Risk Management Consultants Course. It is set in a great location with little expense spared, great facilities and supported by a highly professional and dedicated team. The course also offers great add-ons after completion supplied by the SRMC ™ team, as well as an ideal arena to network, affording an ideal environment to promote yourself and your company’s name to other influential members of the sector.


– Richard Johnson- Special Projects Manager, Northcott Global Solutions.


The course was excellent, challenging and a great confidence builder on the road to becoming a Security & Risk Consultant. It helped me understand better and build on processes that I had experienced working in the Military and in the Private Security Industry. The broad spectrum of subjects covered within risk management was an excellent insight into other avenues within the security industry that I had little or no knowledge of. The Guest speakers and lecturers were of an excellent standard and brought a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to varying subjects covered. In particular the ‘Crisis and Disaster Management’ day with Professor Edward Borodzicz and ‘Detecting Deception’ with John Taylor were very interesting and informative. On the whole I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wishing to progress in security management or to advance their experience into a qualification

– Dan Armitage - Security Consultant, Infinite Security Solution.


Having undertaken numerous training courses over a 30 year career in law enforcement, this course ranks amongst the best I have attended. The knowledge and awareness of the guest lecturers is second to none. The course benefits from having students from diverse backgrounds, my course had an FD from a Mining company, Risk Manager from an Airport and a training Manager in the Offhsore Wind Industry. There is not a course on the market that can match the expertise in the SRMC

– Former Chief Superintendant of a UK Police Force

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