What is CybACADEMY?

An educated, vigilant workforce is one of the most important defences against cyber related incidents


CybACADEMY is a convenient and fully integrated web-based cyber security learning platform. A hosted and fully managed online learning environment giving your business complete access to all of your Frontier Risks™ eLearning courses and awareness material.


With individual login access, employees will feel comfortable browsing the platform with its user-friendly navigation and simple layout to discover assigned courses and educational material.

  • Educate your Directors, Senior Risk owners and front-line managers about the emerging risk of cyber-incidents on your business


  • Help non-technical leaders in your organisation understand the essentials of cyber security and the basic methods for addressing this evolving risk


  • Let your Executives understand and control the cyber debate in the boardroom – don’t let the debate control them! Create cyber resilience.

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Cyber Risk Management Course

Cyber Security Awareness Course

Transform your workforce by training employees to identify common cyber-attack methods and techniques, as well as understand how to protect against the insider threat.

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Grow your company's security culture with continuous workforce education via our monthly communication awareness campaigns

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