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Expedition Planning and Support

Frontier have a wealth of experience operating across the globe, by doing so Frontier have the knowledge and understanding to plan and support any medical requirement.


Whether in you're in the early phases of planning or about to deploy, Frontier can risk assess, advise, and implement medical plans to suit any expedition, ranging from the remote and austere, to the complexities of hostile environments. 

Pre-Hospital Response and Primary Care Clinics

We offer a broad range of flexible clinic solutions for our clients through assessment, procurement and implementation of specific needs. Our clinics provide our clients with the assurance that best practice in medical care can be provided on location, anywhere across the globe.  


Our services include:


  • Reconfiguration of existing structures, with all the required medical equipment and supplies, specific to client needs

  • Modular clinics meeting suggested client requirements

  • Temporary/mobile small team clinics, fully equipped with supplies.


Our clinics are designed on medical equipment and supply assessments, specific to the client requirement, the size of the population at risk, specific country health risk and work operations being conducted.


Project Staffing

Frontier has an excellent understanding of current and ongoing global health issues, by doing so, we are ready to support projects internationally whether the requirement is specifically trained health care professionals, security operatives or onsite risk assessment and management.    

We can provide the right people for the right job.

 24 Hour Operations & Topside Medical Advice 

Frontier utilises our state of the art Global Risk Portal which is updated daily by Intelligence Analysts. This ensures us to have access to current information regarding new and ongoing global affairs. By using this resource, together with on-call clinicians and the medical directive from the World Health Organisation (WHO), we provide 24/7 support and up to date health risk assessment, allowing for our clients to operate more efficiently.    


In conjunction with 24-hour operations, we can provide standard operating procedures through our Emergency Medical Response (EMR) policy. Frontier’s EMR policy is available for implementation to a client’s daily activities, emergency response plan or health and safety policy on request.

Business Health Risk Assessments

Whether your business is UK based or spread across the globe, Frontier can work with stakeholders to look at, occupational health, training and equipment to provide a business specific health risk assessment. On completion of any assessment, Frontier Risks will provide continued support in the implementation of any recommendations.

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