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Those who know me, (at least i hope this to be true...) know I'm not necessarily given to long convoluted drawn out monologues. I'm pretty much, within reason, a man of few words. So when i was asked to blog about the current educational course I'm on, the Security Risk Management Consultants Qualification, run by the excellent Frontier Risks Group, I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it, I'm no blogger, I'm no writer, but i thought, "you know...why not? its all part of the networking process." And if I've learnt anything so far over the course of this preceding week, its that i should make myself comfortable with being uncomfortable. (there's a context implied there, with regard to another of my weaknesses)


So, I'd become very stale in my career in the security industry, I didn't believe any longer in what I was doing and had procrastinated far too long in improving my value as a professional. Sure, I'd seen colleagues do it over the years, and indeed, I'd agree that "yes, top idea, I intend to get around to that myself actually...blah blah" Point being, I was fooling myself, I'd left the Army, entered the "industry" and basically became a lazy hobbyist, intent on perpetually telling myself "this will go somewhere..." it didn't really, though a large reason for that was myself too, I cant lay blame solely at the career path I'd chosen, id just not really got any idea of the direction I wanted. Or even needed.


Skip 9 years ahead, and I find myself in a rut, miserable, lazy and gaining podge slowly (quickly.....) Yet in reality, I'm on the first day of what in theory, seems like a very concise, educational and most importantly helpful qualification course, that will (hopefully) give me the Professional title of "Security Risk Manager/Consultant" and lead me on a path that will finally culminate in a "real" existence and job role in life, rather than just something that was, to all intents and purposes, a placeholder. The multitude of backgrounds, (although mostly military, and royal marine at that) lends an air of diversity, and the various levels and lengths of experience in the outside world and differing industries, (we even had a Judge! and some colleagues from Spain and Germany) lends the course an almost instant networking vibe, yes, we all did the "course first day stare" and weighed each other out, did the peacocking, all that good stuff, but fundamentally, we are all in this to improve our stock and we are all actually very much in posession of a boat load of common ground. We all want to improve ourselves for a start.....


The content has been amazing.....An introduction to the world, ISO 31000, and our first lessons from David Tait, risk management specialist. World class lectures and excersises in Risk, from Professor Edward P. Borodzicz, Lecturer at UWS and Author. Journey management and planning, also Evacuation planning from Riz O of Priavo Security.Talks on Kidnapping and crisis management from Ryan Swindale, one of the founders of RPS partnerships, an experienced Crisis Management consultant. More recently, we've had lectures on Duty of Care, Moral, Ethical and Legal obligations in the humanitarian sector from Liam Chivers of ILS, and Talks about political risk and personal branding within the industry by Jordan Wylie, the founder of JWC International. Both Liam and Jordan, are two guys who I liked greatly, and am very impressed by the Image they portray and their professionalism within the industry. Today we also had an immensely enjoyable presentation on the world of cyber security and the very complex content implied by that title, from Sharif Gardner, Cyber unit Training Manager of Novae, which was brilliantly set out and presented keeping a very tough and convoluted subject matter, interesting and informative. So much so that it made me think about looking into that as a direction also.


I feel I've left too much out, but that's only because i have, but be under no illusion, the caliber of instruction, and instructors on this course is world class. I've no other way of describing it. its been intense in areas, but very enjoyable.


So, the point of all this fairly waffling nonsense (its coming, i promise, i did say i wasn't a writer) is that, after this first week, we have bonded, I've made new contacts, dare i say? new "friends", I've learned a hell of alot in one week, And we still have another to go!


Its not going to be easy, but I'm starting to realise, that this course may have been the guiding light I've needed, in order to try and kick start myself into a new direction. I'm scared, i wont lie, its intimidating, to try and make changes or even to decide you want to do something else, its tough, but also EXCITING.....

A journey of a thousand miles......begins with a single step.


Thanks for reading, I hope its been of some interest,

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