The Security & Risk Management Alumni

April 27, 2017

My first venture out with the Security & Risk Management Alumni (Kindly sponsored by Alcimi - Look them up on here I recommend their services highly) Started outside the entrance to the historical Tower of London, last night.


I immediately got chatting to new people (networking I believe is the terminology) from all kinds of areas within the security management field, from Team Rubicon ( Volunteer Disaster Response organisation on here also and definitely worth a look if you are of an unselfish nature and have the skills and determination to help others occasionally) through to Subject Matter Experts in Anti-Piracy, Crime Scene Management and more besides.


My first thank you of the night goes to the true gentleman that is Andy Merry, who gave us a great tour and span some great dits along the way, He is shortly climbing Mt Blanc with several others after being diagnosed with MS, His story and where you can donate can be found at:


Having strolled through the grounds uninterrupted by the minions, (The temptation of those jewels mind you!) And spurred on by the dark stories that come from within got to see various parts of the Tower and surrounding areas as the sun faded away behind the thick stone walls surrounding us.

We then made our way to "The Keys" pub inside the grounds, where we proceeded to mingle and network away surrounded my so much amazing history. After a couple of "warming" drinks we were then escorted out again to watch the Ceremony of the Keys a 700 odd year old tradition that has happened every night without fail come rain, shine or bombs from the war, It was a real privilege and emotional also (Who doesn't get emotional when hearing the last post?) And I have never heard my partner so quiet in all my years with her (On that note High Heels and cobbles - Not the one!) And she was certainly moved by the whole thing.



I see a lot of people on LinkedIn describing how long it's taking to get work these days, and whilst I too have found this a long and daunting experience, you could do a lot worse than invest some time and effort getting out there with Alumni's like this one, if anything you receive encouragement, guidance and even potential offers and it certainly makes you feel like you are still very much in the game.


I would like to thank the following: Aloma Watson, Pete Lawrence, Duncan Godfrey, Frontier Risks, Athena Risk, David Tait, Jordan Wylie, Kane Lukassen, Andy Merry (and family), Alcimi, Ben Sefton and all those that made it possible as well as those that attended and made it an unforgettable night.

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