Yesterday, rather too early on Monday morning, I travelled up from busy London to beautiful York in order to join the Frontier Risks Security Risk Management Consultants Course I was eager to take for a long time. With a coffee cup in one hand, and a little tired to appreciate the picturesque landscapes flying past by my train window, I embarked on this journey with excitement in anticipation of all the new knowledge and interesting people I was going to meet. Later, in a taxi towards the majestic Hawkhills Emergency Planning College, I nodded in approval to my friendly taxi driver and answered his curiosity as he wondered what field of work I am in: "You guys must be very busy these days? And even more complex risks to be dealt with during these unstable times. But what made you choose the field?", he pondered almost to himself. "Indeed", I echoed. 


Two days and rather many intense learning hours later, I have found myself thinking about risk and security more times than I can count. What is risk and how to manage it? Why is your company's approach to risk management, and risk based approach to security a powerful tool in order to prevent any potential operational and financial consequences? How to define risk, threat and hazards and what is the importance of the context? The first days of SRMC have done just that - not only given wealth of information but also challenged the ways of thinking about security and risk. With the room full of people with inspiring and extraordinary backgrounds, both lecturers and attendees, the course is shaping to be a truly fast-paced challenge in the midst of slow and beautiful country lanes in York. 

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