Security Risk Management Consultants Course - Day 5: Crisis Management

January 19, 2018

Unaccustomed as I am with blogging, I am taking the plunge today to give my first blog on day 5 of the SRMC course I am attending at the moment.


Yesterday’s guest speaker, Professor Edward Borodzicz, continued today with his presentation on the subject of crisis management, with a novel approach.





Upon completion of the presentation, we were split into two groups and worked on preparing a crisis management scenario.


The whole morning was taken up working on the scenario, with careful discussion amongst the team, to develop it.


Following a short but excellent lunch, we moved onto the practical part of the scenario training, with the other group acting as consultants gave us the detail of their scenario for us to work from.


We then swapped roles and the other group played the client company role for our scenario, which proceeded well, partly thanks to some excellent visuals produced by Jafar, in a very short time, which added some realism to the actual running out of the scenario for the other team.


There was a lot of lessons learnt during the preparation and delivery of the exercises, and overall the information provided the previous day by Professor Borodzicz, was put to good use.


One issue Professor Borodzicz raised in his presentation, which I will always remember, is that we should be learning from success not failure when it comes to crisis management.

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