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Organisations, groups and individuals who wish to conduct business or travel in complex, hostile or remote areas face risks on a daily basis, many of which can be life threatening. These risks can have a detrimental impact on reputation, businesses and most importantly personal security. Frontier have developed a series of bespoke courses that are tailored to meet client needs.

"Having undertaken numerous training courses over a 30 year career in law enforcement, this course ranks amongst the best I have attended. The knowledge and awareness of the guest lecturers is second to none. The course benefits from having students from diverse backgrounds, my course had an FD from a Mining company, Risk Manager from an Airport and a training Manager in the Offhsore Wind Industry. There is not a course on the market that can match the expertise in the SRMC”

Former Chief Superintendent of a UK Police Force

HEAT Courses will be built to order from this menu so that they meet your organisational needs:


  • Threat Assessment, Task Planning & Mitigation (tailored): Every country, region and area has different dynamics, threats and risks. Frontier Risks teach individuals to conduct assessments which will prevent unnecessary exposure to threats. Students will gain an understanding of which countermeasures to use in order to reduce the level of risk posed.

  • Personal Security & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Over exposure to risk often creates complacency towards personal security. Frontier Risks teach the importance of personal security and vigilance. Each student is placed through a series of scenarios and exercises that demonstrate the importance of personal security and how to gauge what is appropriate.

  • Information Security: Information security and assurance is routinely exploited by competitors, terrorists, organised crime groups and hostile governments; many corporate travellers have been victims of this. At Frontier Risks our team of IT assurance specialists demonstrates and advises best practice in countering the threat posed

  • Cultural Awareness & Gender Specific Considerations (tailored): Whether operating in the Middle East, Africa or the Americas, Frontier Risks provide the best possible awareness of issues in your operating environment; we understand that you never get a second chance to make a first impression regardless of your surroundings.

  • Conflict Management: Local customs and traditions can make our established practices ineffective in a hostile location. Ignorance of local customs and the inability to correctly deal with conflict can lead to personal harm or death. Frontier Risks provide students with the skills to de-escalate situations effectively.

  • PTES and PTSD: Improving awareness of Post Traumatic and Environmental Stress (PTES) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Frontier Risks teach students how to recognise this in themselves and others.

  • Staying Alive in Captivity (tailored): Frontier Risks offer a very realistic approach to making students aware of how best to survive such ordeals and how to recover afterwards.

  • UXO (unexploded ordnance) and IEDs (improvised explosive devices): Frontier Risks understand the need for individuals to understand how to manage themselves and others in areas that pose a threat from such devices.

  • Navigational Considerations: Taking the wrong turning in hostile environments can cause significant repercussions. Frontier Risks have industry leaders in navigation in urban and suburban areas that will provide the students with the skills to navigate safely and effectively.

  • Medical Training (to include RTCs, ballistic injuries, basic life support and health & hygiene) (tailored): Frontier Risks Training offers a range of medical courses that include Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) First Person on the Scene (Intermediate) (FPOS-I) Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

  • Travel Planning & Journey Management Principles (including vehicle safety, convoys and vehicle recovery): Travel in any country can be perilous even more so in areas with lower road safety standards. This element of the syllabus ensures that students are able to recognise the most appropriate method of travel, pre-plan and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to reduce the risk posed by travelling

  • Counter and Anti Surveillance: Very rarely is it the case that foreigners are targeted indiscriminately whilst operating abroad in complex environments. It is however sometimes the case that an aggressor may conduct surveillance of their intended subject. Frontier Risks will teach students a basic level of awareness and the countermeasures required.

  • CBRNe (WMD) Training: At Frontier Risks we are proud to offer a package that provides students with insight and awareness surrounding the dangers of operating in areas where CBRNe threats exist and how best to protect against them.

  • Weapons Recognition & Familiarisation: The ability to recognise and understand the capability of certain weaponry will enable individuals to make reasoned decisions. Effective risk assessment relies on knowledge to inform decision making. Rarely will a student otherwise be able to access the important information that we are able to provide about weaponry.

  • Radio and Voice Communications: In the event of a crisis your communication systems become critical to enable casualty management or emergency evacuation situations. Frontier Risks teach simple yet effective measures to allow communication systems to be effective for all circumstances.

Want to know how we can tailor this course specifically to you?

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